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List of Packers

CAROLINA TURKEY – Quality producer of multi-levels of fully cooked and smoked turkey breast. They also produce turkey pastrami, and raw turkey burgers.

DELTA PRIDE CATFISH – Mississippi’s premium catfish processor specializing in IQF shank fillets, whole fish, catfish steaks, strips, nuggets, Breaded fillets and strips, and hushpuppies.

FONTANINI - Industry leader in quality Italian and American entrees. Included are Meatballs, Italian Sausages, Polish Sausages, and Pot Roast

FOXTAIL FOODS - The foodservice division of Perkin’s Restaurants manufacturer of quality muffin batter, cookie dough, frozen pies baked and unbaked, and fully cooked muffins.

H.R. NICHOLSON – U S Foodservice label of ready to serve and concentrate 100% fruit juices packed in aseptic packaging.

MEL-O-CREAM DONUTS – Frozen donuts, fritters, honeybuns, and fried danish prepared in the authentic baking method for the highest quality and value.

MILKCO - Packer of US Foodservice label of milk, half and half cream, and heavy whipping cream.

ST. CLAIR FOODS – Classic line of refrigerated salad dressings (blue cheese, honey mustard, ranch, and thousand island ) and specialty prepared salads, and entrees manufactured locally of the utmost quality.

VIE DE FRANCE – The finest in French Bakery goods and pastries. Par-baked European Breads, butter and sweet filled croissants, and a tempting variety of gourmet cakes, tarts, and cookies.

ZARTIC – Finest quality of pub burgers, char broiled and flame broiled beef patties, cubed steaks, chicken fried steaks, rib-eye steaks, pork specialties, sausage products, and poultry products. Also a full line of Child Nutrition approved products.

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